Day 1 (Ok, technically, day 5): Tutorials

Technically, this is the fifth day I’ve been working on this, though I’ve only just decided to start blogging it. So far I have started, then abandoned, for now, Android development due to an issue with the emulator wanting to loop infinitely trying to load sound drivers that don’t exist (even with the -noaudio flag active), and I have reverted back to plain PC development.

I’ve found an interesting set of 3D graphics tutorials on RasterTek I’ve gotten the Tutorial 2 Framework transcribed into Visual Studio 2012, and my typos all fixed, and I’ve discovered  that between the time when RasterTek wrote his code, and when I’m trying to run it, there have been some changes in the character encodings used. Now I get to dive into the wonderful world of C++ Strings to figure out how to get it to compile on my machine. Fun. (No, I don’t know if that was sarcastic or not, either.)

Digging around has turned up this interesting article: Code Project: The Complete Guide to C++ Strings We’ll see if it solves the issue, or just leads to more questions (or both).

Have fun on your Thursday!

Harry Voyager


One thought on “Day 1 (Ok, technically, day 5): Tutorials

  1. harryvoyager Post author

    The issue was that the RasterTek code declares everything as Unicode, but by default, Windows.h uses the ASCII functions. But, by adding a #define UNICODE statement to the main header, we can tell the system to handle everything in Unicode. It lives!

    Ok, it compiles. Running it produces a massive number of complaints about non-existent libraries and .dll’s. Next problem.



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