Day 2: It’s full of typedefs

Turns out all that was needed was to set Studio to import the mission icons from the MS server. That and fixing a number of typos my transcription introduced, and Tutorial 2: The Framework, runs.

Now we’re into the bones of actually running OpenGL. Apparently it requires about two pages of define and typedef statements. This puts me on the horns of a dilemma: to Transcribe, or to copy? On on hand, simply copying the example code into a working build is quick, and shouldn’t introduce any new errors. On the other hand, transcribing everything requires looking at every line of the code, and have some idea what it actually does, but it is very time consuming.

Do I take the quick path to running code, or do I take the slower path, with the better potential for upfront understanding? Or is the slow path just an illusion of greater understanding?


One thought on “Day 2: It’s full of typedefs

  1. harryvoyager Post author

    Talked to some of the guys I know who program, and copy is the better route. Transcribing is a way to seem to be doing something, without actually requiring me to engage my brain. Better to get the code into a program and attempting to compile than copy everything line by line.

    Sometimes the easy way is the best way, and I need to throw fewer roadbocks in my way.



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