Been a while… (Calibration Games: Mosh Mosh Revolution)

Context here is, Nintendo’s coming out with a Game Maker Garage. Looks like a way to try prototyping things and movements out, especially, since I’ve never completely nailed down the raw coding. And I’ve got ideas.

I think I have an idea of the movement system I’m aiming for. Have not written that down yet. (Make that tomorrow’s task)

In the interim, I’ve ended up writing scenes for the story. One of the things I wanted to use are the motion controls. However, these require calibration, so rather than constantly popping the player into a calibration screen, I thought, why not have a minigame that does the same thing, but is more interesting.

Core requirements are to:

  1. Get the player to do the movements required for calibration
  2. Be fun
  3. Be not much longer than a normal calibration
  4. Tell a story about the characters

We will see how achievable these are once the toolkit goes live in June…

Anyways, here is the first draft of scene outline for Iris and Zero rock out:

Iris is wearing a different outfit than usual: Undersized black biker hat (worn like a beret) black leather short jacket with long sleeves (cuffs are studded), White t-shirt, form fitting. Black miniskirt. Black knee-high jackboots. Her pony tail is tied as usual.

Scene: Fade in from black. Iris is facing the player/Zero. She is leaning towards Zero, pulling him forward by both hands.

Iris smiling/bouncy: Come on, it’ll be fun!

Zero: Ok…

Iris (laughing) spins away (forward) still pulling Zero forward by the hand. Indistinct crowd of Reploids fade in around them. Iris gives Zero a sly look/grin over her shoulder. “Just do what I do, and you’ll be fine” Grin shifts to toothy grin.

Game sequence is a set of called actions: Raise the Roof => up gestures in time with music,

Worst timing: Zero bumps Iris off balance in the dance. She spins. He catches her by the shoulders, and she falls into him. Scene shows her, eyes/mouth wide/shock on his chest. Then she starts laughing, reaches up suddenly and pulls him down towards her. Scene pulls away, camera behind Zero. Iris has her arms around Zero, but what they are doing is obscured. Fade to black

Medium Timing: Camera pulls back and rotates around them as they dance, in perfect sync. As the camera rotates in front of them, the player sees their eyes are closed. The crowd fades first, as the scene fades to black.

Zero: So this is peace…

Best timing: Scene cuts to ¾ front view. Iris’ eyes are closed, head down, and she’s smiling as they dance. Zero leans down and says in her ear “Want a better view?” Iris’ eyes pop open: “What?” Zero grins wolfishly “Get ready!”

Zero squats down, lifts Iris by the waist, sets her on his shoulders, and stands up.

Iris wide eyed, wide mouthed, wobbles, off balance for a bit, but grabs hold of Zero’s head and settles.

She pauses to catch her breath, then looks up, and the camera pans around, showing the tops of the heads of the crowd, the band rocking out on stage, (She lets go of Zero’s head during the panning shot) and her surprise changing to joy and wide-eyed wonder. Iris give a big Rocky Balboa, hands over the head cheer, and starts rocking out.

Camera rotates around them, pulling away. The two of them rocking out together, her high above the crowd.

Zero (as the scene fades to black): We danced until the clubs closed. I’d never seen her so happy…

As I’m reading this over, I’m realizing this is going to require some complex rigging to get it to work right, which I can’t know is achievable before anyone has access to the tools. I think I’ve got the core early story notes written down, so no danger of forgetting them.

Given that, I’m thinking my next action needs to be documenting the move-set I’ve got in mind, and researching up everything I can on how to make it work when the toolset finally drops. Then on to prototyping the actually gameplay, and trying to rig one of these, before diving any further into story elements.

Fun times 🙂

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